Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon signing of the contract, the purchaser will pay a 10% deposit for the purchase of the kit on domestic products. Deposits on rural or commercial products is 25%. Should the purchaser fail to go ahead with the purchase, deposits are redeemable for a period of 14 days less $150 drafting fee. Once product has been ordered, no part of deposit is refundable.
  2. The balance of the kit is paid prior to delivery or pickup our web site. Deposits for orders can be made directly into the Equipment Traders Pty Ltd office or by mailing a cheque to the Equipment Traders Pty Ltd office or direct deposit into our bank account.We will accept credit cards with a 2.5% merchant fee add to the total 
  3. The balance of the kit is to be paid in two parts. 50% of the balance is to be paid on order of the product by bank cheque or direct deposit and the balance is to be paid one week prior to delivery. Credit cards will be accepted (fees apply 2.5%).Any orders paid by personal cheque will not be placed on our suppliers until funds have been cleared.
  4. Confirmation of orders placed upon the suppliers of Equipment Traders Pty Ltd products will be made available to the purchaser.
  5. Prices remain valid for a period of one month from deposit date. After this time, prices may be subject to change without notice, according to price increases from suppliers.
  6. Any changes to the quotation must be made in writing prior to the kit being ordered. Changes cannot be made once product has been ordered. Verbal changes will not be accepted.
  7. Equipment Traders Pty Ltd will endeavour to supply the kit within four weeks from the date ordered, but will not be held responsible for delays caused by industrial actions, supplier shortages or any other circumstances beyond our control.
  8. All orders are subject to delivery fees which vary according to location and size of order.
  9. The purchaser agrees to accept( and Pick up or have delivered) the said kit on the notified delivery date. Once delivery arrangements have been made, the purchaser must give 48 hours notice of change of (delivery or Pick up) arrangements. If the purchaser cannot accept delivery of products on the specified date, after a period of 7 days, the purchaser will be charged storage fees of $100P/W.
  10. The purchaser agrees to be on site to accept and sign for delivery. It is the Purchasers responsibility to check that all material has been supplied against the bill of material supplied by Equipment Traders Pty Ltd. In the event of a shortage of product, the purchaser must advise the delivery driver and note the missing products on the driver’s and the purchaser’s delivery dockets. The purchaser must notify Equipment Traders Pty Ltd of any shortages within 3 days of delivery.
  11. All weather access must be provided at delivery sites. Drivers will not enter unsafe sites.The delivery drive is not resposible for any damage to access roads, Pipes of any type, concrete or btiumen drive ways, that it has been asked to use that is the customers responsaibity and cannot be waivered for any reason.
  12. Equipment Traders Pty Ltd are suppliers of kit garages, and sheds. Equipment Traders Pty Ltd are notl icensed to build. All arrangements for the erection of the goods are to be made by the purchaser. The purchaser may choose to use a licensed shed erector of their choice or become an owner/builder.
  13. The purchaser agrees to pay for any building permits, insurances and fees which may be required, by any public authority, and that the supplier has no responsibility to do so.
  14. The purchaser acknowledges that it will be his/her/their responsibility to obtain all development consents.
  15. Equipment Traders Pty Ltd provides 3 sets of plans and specifications for the said kit. Any alterations required to be made to the plans due to the proposed site or other special requirements by the purchaser or any public authority for the said kit is the responsibility of the purchaser and will be charged to the purchaser. The supplier accepts no responsibility for positioning of windows / roller doors / access doors / sliding doors or any other accessories.
  16. The supplier quotes roller door sizes – not opening sizes, and takes no responsibility should any type of vehicle etc. Not fit under the opening. It is the Purchasers responsibility to ensure opening sizes are correct.
  17. Should additional fixings be required other than what is supplied, the purchaser will be charged accordingly.
  18. Equipment Traders Pty Ltd/Wild Boar Sheds takes no responsibility for incorrectly erected products.
  19. Equipment Traders Pty Ltd quotations are an offer by Equipment Traders Pty Ltd to sell the “kit” specified and is conditional on the approval by the directors/partners of Wild Boar Sheds Pty Ltd.
  20. Where Equipment Traders P/L have rolled and supplied sheeting products and where it deems it fair to offer replacement sheeting. Corragated or Triclad if it is found to have supplied faulty materails. It will not however be repsonible for labour in the replacment of the sheeting in any way.Where Equipment Traders P/L buy in its products we can only offer replacment based on our suppliers warranty terms and conditions.Once the purchase has accepted and signed for products Equipment Traders P/L will deem that product have been supplied in good conditon.
  21. 20. All prices quoted include GST.
  22. 21. Equipment Traders Pty Ltd will
  23. ♣ Comply will all the relevant laws, regulations and company policies regarding fair trading.
    ♣ Adhere to the trade practices act and state legislation.
    ♣ Act and make decisions in accordance with the commitment to fair trading.
    ♣ Conduct business with integrity & in accordance with community & business ethical standards behaviour.
    ♣ Encourage & respond to feedback from our customers, suppliers and team members to ensure continuous improvement.
    ♣ Communicate honestly about our products and services with our customers.
    ♣ Communicate in plain language to ensure information is clear, accurate and easily understood.

I, the undersigned (hereinafter called the purchaser) have read the terms of agreement described above and agree to them.

Signed (purchaser): .......................................................................... Date: ...........................................