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If a shed is to be built in an open area where there is little sheilding then in NSW you will require region A Cat 2 these sheds basicaly have more steel then region A cat 3 Sheds.So we belive that our sheds are better sheds then most and built to stand up to the changing weather conditions of Australia.

Our Sheds are designed in Region A Cat 2 Importance level 2 and are suitable to Sub Alpine Regions with maximum snow loading on the roof to 0.52Kpa in a 3.0m Bay and 0.30Kpa in a 3.5m bay with a maximum permissible loading of 1.00 kpa ground snow load. The roof sheets are made longer and are the roof purlins and wall girts. They have 10 % overlap allthoug our sheds are engineerd to have 100mm overlap we choose to make them strong so you get better value

When you buy our budget range you get .42 wall sheetsl this offers better stregth and shed life

(Please note that roller doors supplied and not wind loaded.Therefor we allways suggest tha all opening and doors are faced away from the prevailing winds.)