shed check

Shedcheck simply put is a system that uses a qualified Engineer to asset the site where the shed is to be be sistuated on the proposed land should it be required

If the shed is to be in a fringe area, w ind maps can give a broad overview of the wind cartagory and may surfice for most areas. But many sheds are being sold into the market that are only suitable for In town areas where there is a lot of wind shielding.

They are sold as region A Cat 3 and the big players know that they are not suitable for open paddocks or unshielded areas and yet they are sold on price, as there is higher cost for the correct wind loading.

In most of NSW open country of region A Cat 2 will appy .

It is a fact that most resellers have absolutely no training or qualifications that allow them to make decisions when it comes to wind loadings. The only person that can really determine wind loadings suitabilty in fringe areas, is with a qualified Engineer.

There is no training that qualifies shed sellers to make this important decission and to say there is, is a myth

It is also a fact that some areas are classified Alpine or Sub Alpine or are in extreme areas of Australia that may have higher then normal wind Loads and Snow Loads

Our advice is pay and have an engineer check it and sign off for piece of mind.

Cost to have and engineer check your site (locationVia Maps and Google Earth) will cost $200