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Wild Boar Farm Sheds Australia

We at Wild Boar sell steel structured farm sheds to satisfy your rural expectations. These farm sheds can be utilized for hay stacking, live stock placements and for storage of heavy equipment and machinery.

Traditional farm sheds in Australia are utilized for poultry farming & storage of grain and wheat also. Many farmers set up small scale or cottage industrial units in these farm sheds.

Our super strong steel structures can withstand severe climatic conditions in most of Australia. It is because they are manufactured using sophisticated galvanized frames leading the shed market in the entire region.

Rural Farm Sheds in NSW at Affordable Prices

You can find our services in NSW supplying quality farm sheds in both colourbond and zincalume.  

We have a set range of buildings which can accommodate for roller doors, windows and access doors for our customers that have their own needs for a farm shed.

Quality and Discounted Farm Sheds in Victoria

Apart from our expertise in super steel structures in sheds we have covered a lot more of the market share by claiming ourselves to be the cheapest suppliers in terms of rates and discounted prices that we offer. This ultimately benefits our customers with low buying rates and best quality standards.

We always strive be worthy of our products and respect our customers special needs and demands. This attitude has motivated us for supplying high quality sheds for 25 years and counting.

Contact us for more details on our product range, pricing & delivery of farm sheds in victoria along with NSW region

Complete Farm Shed Solutions

Visit us to in Moss Vale or Bathurst to see our premium products such as farm sheds, light industrial buildings, double garages and barns, and have a word with our experts at your nearest location. You can also visit us online.

 We have the best deals on farm sheds in zinc and colourbond, as well as great pricing for our other ranges of buildings avaialble.

Visit us online or call us to discuss our set range of sizing, their inclusions and prices.








Farm Shed Sizes (Width x Length x Height)

1. 6 x 7 x 2.4m - 2 Bays at 3.5m

2. 6 x 9 x 2.4m - 3 Bays at 3m

3. 6 x 10.5 x 2.4m - 3 Bays at 3.5m

4. 6 x 14 x 2.7m - 4 Bays at 3.5m

5. 6 x 7 x 3m - 2 Bays at 3.5m

6. 7 x 7 x 2.4m - 2 Bays at 3.5m

7. 7 x 9 x 2.4m - 3 Bays at 3m

8. 7 x 10.5 x 3m - 3 Bays at 3.5m

9. 7 x 12 x 3m - 4 Bays at 3m

10. 7 x 14 x 3m - 4 Bays at 3.5m

11. 9 x 15 x 3m - 5 Bays at 3m

12. 9 x 8 x 3.6m - 2 Bays at 4m

13. 9 x 12 x 3.6m - 3 Bays at 4m

14. 9 x 16 x 3.6m - 4 Bays at 4m

15. 9 x 20 x 3.6m - 5 Bays at 4m

16. 9 x 24 x 3.6m - 6 Bays at 4m

17. 9 x 28 x 3.6m - 7 Bays at 4m

18. 9 x 32 x 3.6m - 8 Bays at 4m



Sizing Information
- Please note that all shed sizes are in meters and roller doors in millimeters
- Bay Lengths (Gutter Side) are 3m, 3.5m or 4m depending on shed size
-  Wall heights start at 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m and 3.6m


  • Roof = Corrogated
  • Wall = Standard - Low Panel or Option Vertical Corrogated
  • Note: Walls Open Gutter Side(long side)



Additional roller doors can be added to the gutter side or gable side.
Please refer to price list. These kits also include fixings.

Gutter Side Roller Door Kits (Includes Styles, Flashings and Base Cleats) (Height x Width)  
2.1m H x 2.45m W - To Suit 3.5m wide bay at 2.4m high  
2.1m H x 2.77m W - To Suit 3.5m wide bay at 2.4m high   
2.4m H x 2.77m W - To Suit 3.5m wide bay at 2.47m high   
2.7m H x 2.45m W - To Suit 3.0m wide bay at 3.0m high   
2.7m H x 2.77m W - To Suit 3.5m wide bay at 2.4m high

Other sizes available for larger size buildings please call us on 1800 71 72 73 to discuss.